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Dr. Sanchez attends her patients, either with medical referral from the CCSS or privately; she emphasizes on this topic, so that people do not hesitate to contact her and look for the solution to their possible hearing problem.

For her, the most important thing is to be able to help people who need it, from key tips for daily life, as well as collaboration to provide hearing aids, offering a great variety for all needs.

From newborns to older adults are the patients received in his office; «I perform from audiometries at birth, to hearing evaluations in older adults, to help them hear better,» he added.

BOGA is a partnership of governments, the first of its kind, determined to set an end date for oil and oil gas exploration and extraction. It is also committed to reducing new licensing or undertaking other important measures that contribute to the joint goal of aligning oil and gas production with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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For a person to stay healthy and enjoy good health into old age, he or she needs to know how to access and be aware of preventive and self-care actions that can benefit him or her and carry them out. This means having optimal health literacy. What does this mean for our well-being?

High-income, middle-income and low-income countries all have people with poor health literacy. For example, in the United States more than one-third of adults have below basic health literacy. In Europe, poor health literacy ranges from 29% to 62%.

Little is known about health literacy in Latin American countries. However, available studies show that a large percentage of the population is unaware of preventive actions that can benefit their health. A recent study of 778 patients with diabetes in Mexico reported that more than 8 out of 10 respondents had a poor level of literacy. Meanwhile, only 17.6% of patients had adequate health literacy.

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5 principles of a minimalist for a simpler life

Wood and Tarrier (2010) referred to this integrative clinical approach as «Positive Clinical Psychology» and without implying the need to develop a new fragment in traditional clinical psychology, but rather a shift or reorientation of the approach so that equal importance is given to optimal and deficit functioning of individuals when treating any ailment or issue.

The study of human flourishing reflects a paradigm shift in research concerning mental health. As Michalec et al. (2009) express, states of optimal mental health are not only those where there is an absence of negative symptoms leading to psychopathology, but include positive life elements such as a sense of leading a meaningful and purposeful life, as well as having quality social ties or bonds with others.

To flourish, a person must exhibit all of the core characteristics listed below and at least 3 of the secondary characteristics: a) core characteristics: positive emotions, engagement, interest, meaning, purpose; and b) secondary characteristics: healthy self-esteem, optimism, resilience, vitality, self-determination, positive relationships.